FixHeaders not working ...

Apr 26, 2010 at 1:43 PM

When CoolGridView is within a UpdatePanel the FixHeaders=true is not working and headers row scroll with the content of the grid.

If i don't use UpdatePanel before CoolGridView object,  the focus setting on a selected row  is lost,  but i need to set focus on a specific row when the page is loaded, so i used a simple javascript:

function setFocusItem()
try {
  var itemx=document.getElementById('ctl00_PageBodyContent_idfocusItem').value;
  if (itemx!='') {
    var itemxf=document.getElementById(itemx);
   if (itemxf!= null) {
} catch(e) {}

This is perfectly working only if i put coolgridview in UpdatePanel, otherwise the focus go away.