Resize Column issue

Apr 11, 2011 at 9:34 AM
Edited Apr 11, 2011 at 10:03 AM

very thanks to cool grid team..............

please suggest me ....

here am facing problem with resizing column size , that is

i was re-sized  any one  column  and i clicking refresh button(reloading the page). at that time  for every click(load) it's  changing the columns size up to last column . after that it's showing original state of grid view .. 

this problem was rising when ever i use auto generate select button is equal to true  

my code is below

<cool:CoolGridView ID="gdv_HISVivus_Admin_Resource_Master" runat="server" OnSelectedIndexChanged ="gdv_HISVivus_Admin_Resource_Master_OnSelectedIndexChanged"
   AllowPaging="true" AllowSorting ="true" AllowResizeColumn ="true"  AutoGenerateColumns ="false" AutoGenerateSelectButton ="true" BackColor="White" BorderStyle ="None"
   EmptyDataText ="No Record Found" ViewMode="Flat"   PageSize="150" Width="705px" Height ="350px" OnPageIndexChanging ="gdv_HISVivus_Admin_Resource_Master_OnPageIndexChanging"
   OnSorting ="gdv_HISVivus_Admin_Resource_Master_Sorting">
<PagerSettings Position="TopAndBottom" />
<FooterStyle BackColor="#CCCC99" ForeColor="Black" />

with out using autogenerate select button =true ,. its working fine